Cruising through the ‘webs today this feature on furniture in the female form caught my eye with the heading, “Women Inspired Furniture – Hot or Not?”

It contains a series of furniture designs that are built around the female form, particularly from the waist down. There’s Her Chair which gives a plastic outline of a woman crouching (in what looks to be an uncomfortable and well.. just plain daft pose) and you are expected to sit on her knee.. It’s not her chair at all, is it? It’s not a chair for women to sit on and appreciate, it is a chair for men to look at and objectify women.

In particular, I like the comment as follows – it shows that we still have a lot more consciousness-raising work to do among women.

Some women might think it’s sexist, I think it’s pretty sexy. I’d definitely have at least one or two of these pieces in my house…though dunno about the chair. Pretty uncomfy looking. Where is the sexy furniture based on men-???? :)

In one breath, she says it’s sexy, not sexist (and yes, for some, the two CAN coexist…) and then the next she points out a couple of the sexist traits – the furniture is not built for comfort, and is only in the shape of women… And can thus be construed as sexist!