After failing an arts/teaching degree, MisseLaneius went out into the big wide world and got a job in a call centre. 6 years and 5 call centres later, she realised that being a mindless telephone monkey was not giving her the mental stimulus she needed, nor the ranting room. Fortunately for her, she finally found a call centre related job which kept her away from the nasty customers, and hasn’t looked back since.

She likes a good rant, but other things she likes include puppies, winning big pots at poker, setting things on fire, dancing badly and surprising people. She also likes hugs, the Fridge (her partner), beer, cider, cheese, reading, wiggling her bottom for no particular reason and extending her horizons.

Things she doesn’t like include inequality in any form, closedmindedness in any form, George W. Bush in any form, losing big pots at poker and cynicism. She doesn’t like sex on the beach, being late, being unorganised, and people in general.


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